The Philadelphia Inquirer: For These Comics Creators, Not Just Funny Business, by Rob Watson Greater Consciousness of Race, Culture Mark New Era, by Nia Ngina Meeks


"The art by Eric Battle is really reminiscent of Neal Adams and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, with a smattering of Mark Texiera -- and that’s cool in my book."

Stumblebum Studios: Review of Green Arrow #53, by William Messner-Loebs

"With heavy shadows and powerful figures, [Battle's] art conveys the sort of blend of noir superhero that fits a street fighter like Green Arrow. "

Wellred Press: Review of Green Arrow #51, by Adam Messano

"[Battle's] pencils keep up with the action perfectly. His facial detail is quite expressive, with each character showing the hate, anger, fear, and insanity they all experience."

Paperback Reader: Review of Batman #650, by Todd Kearns



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